Feed in Tariff for Solar Panels

Solar Panels - Tax Free IncomeThe UK Government is going to review the Feed in Tariff for Solar Panels in January 2015 and, if history repeats itself (which it very often does) then there is a good chance that the tax free income for Solar Panels may well be reduced as a result of that review.

If you have had any thoughts about making your home more energy efficient and lowering your energy costs, the opportunity to get ‘free electricity’ plus tax free income for the next 20 years is too much of an attractive proposition to miss out on – it could add up to almost £15,000 for a 4.0kwp domestic solar pv array which, with the current low cost of installing solar panels, means that they will pay for themselves many times over during their lifetime (30 yrs +)

To find out more about installing solar panels for your home you can visit: www.solarcostguide.org.uk

Solar Panels – Tax Free Income